Prosthetic therapy is that branch of dentistry that uses veneers, single crowns, and bridges in order to secure or change the shape and color of teeth.

If you aspire to an excellent aesthetic result, combined with reduced invasiveness of therapy, ceramic veneers are used. These are very thin ceramic foils, with very high esthetic performance, which are cemented onto the front teeth and allow you to recreate ideal shapes and colors with a perfectly natural appearance. Indications for veneers can be: malformed or small teeth, tooth wear, tooth fractures, visible spaces between teeth (diastemas), and color defects that cannot be resolved with whitening.

Single crowns, commonly called "capsules," and bridges (artifacts formed from several crowns together) are used, however, in posterior areas or in cases where one or more missing teeth need to be replaced. Much progress has been made in this field and bridges, which showed metal are now an old memory. In fact, in the majority of cases, all-ceramic, metal-free principals can be used, allowing for perfect camouflage and an excellent result from both a functional and an esthetic point of view.

In more complex cases where you wish to "preview" what the final result will look like, we will give you a "mock-up," which is a temporary artifact that will allow you to preview what your new smile will look like.

As you see, there are many solutions to your problems different from each other, but similar in functional and beautiful end result!

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