conservative dentistry

Conservative therapy deals with the care and morphological restoration of teeth that have undergone a destructive process caused by carious lesions, trauma, grinding abrasions, brushing erosions, or congenital malformations.
When the extent and morphology of the shape and color defect permit, we treat the teeth in a single session of conservative therapy by exactly reproducing the anatomical shape of the tooth in a way that ensures perfect function and aesthetics.
After a careful clinical examination, the teeth to be treated will be separated from the rest of the oral cavity with a device (rubber dam) designed to isolate the working field, make it dry and free of contamination.
The morphological restoration will be carried out through the layered application of a highly esthetic composite resin, which can vary in mechanical strength and coloration characteristics.
At this stage, attention to detail and knowledge of masticatory function, dental anatomy and aesthetic parameters will be the specialist's guide.
The session will require time and attention, but the end result will surprise you!
In patients with more extensive esthetic defects or particularly compromised chewing function, preformed composite resins and laboratory-made ceramic material artifacts are used, using indirect conservative therapy techniques, in order to secure them.
In these cases, our specialist will prepare the cavity, perform a digital scan of the tooth to be reconstructed necessary to design and fabricate an esthetically and functionally ideal artifact.
In the second session, we will proceed with its final cementation.
As you can see, there are many solutions to your problems different from each other, but similar in the final result, to guarantee you function and beauty!
Contact our office to get an appointment with our specialist to find out the therapy that best suits your needs.

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