Endodontics is concerned with treating diseases affecting the dental pulp.
The tooth is a vital organ and within it has a canal in which arterioles, venules, nerves and special cells called odontoblasts are found.
Due to certain events, such as carious injury or trauma, the pulp's viability can be compromised to the point of necrosis. This series of events may be asymptomatic or accompanied by sensitivity to thermal stimuli or pain, which can become very intense in cases of pulpitis.
In the presence of these clinical conditions, removal of the inflamed and infected pulp and its replacement with biocompatible materials is performed, after cleaning and preparation of the root canals.
To perform such procedures, whether performed on a tooth for the first time or in cases of endodontic retreatment, highly codified protocols are followed, mainly involving sterility of the operative field, use of technologically advanced instrumentation, and radiographic checks at regular intervals.
Once the endodontic treatment is completed, the tooth can be reconstructed with a morphological restoration or prosthetic restoration and can continue to perform the same functions as an intact tooth, restoring its chewing function and giving you back the desire to smile.
Don't forget that endodontic treatment is the starting point on which to build a safe, long-term treatment plan. Therefore, if you have any doubts or would like more information from our specialist, Dr. Francesca Venditti, do not hesitate to contact us: she will provide you with all the advice you need and propose the treatment plan best suited to your problems and needs.

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