Dental implants are, when possible, the best way to replace missing teeth, effectively and permanently resolving the aesthetic and functional deficits brought about by the condition of partial or complete edentulism.

An implant consists of a medical titanium screw, which once inserted into the bone is incorporated by the body through a process called osseo-integration, making it similar to a natural tooth root.

The insertion procedure, preceded by a careful planning phase, involves minor surgery, which the practice specialist will perform under the safest conditions and with painless procedures.

One will wait for complete osseointegration of the screw for a period ranging from three to six months and then proceed with the fitting of a definitive prosthesis. In cases where immediate loading implantology can be used, there will instead be the possibility of having the teeth fixed as early as during surgery, that is, in a single session.

However, patients with significant bone atrophy may need slightly more articulated surgical sessions. In these cases, no worries: our specialist, Dr. Antonin o Fiorino, will use the most advanced bone regeneration techniques and the safest sedation procedures.

If you have any doubts or want to know how to solve the problem of your missing teeth, do not hesitate to contact us: we will give you all the advice you need and propose the treatment plan best suited to your problems and needs.

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