oral hygiene

Behind a healthy and beautiful smile is the valuable work of caregivers.

The Giunta Mirabella method aims to preserve or restore the health and beauty of your mouth.

It always starts with thorough professional dental hygiene that has four clear objectives:

- Ensure a wellness and relaxation experience
- Identify and remove bacterial biofilm and tartar
- Instruct you in proper home hygiene
- Assess you for caries or periodontal disease

If this is your first time at our office, you will be seen by Dr. Gabriella Giunta in order to listen carefully to your medical history and assess the overall health status of the oral cavity. If necessary, we will perform radiographs with a digital low-radiation device.

Our talented dental hygiene doctors will proceed with Guided Biofilm Therapy, a revolutionary Swiss protocol for prevention, prophylaxis and therapy, validated by scientific evidence, that is modulated to the needs of the individual patient.

Based on the location, quantity, and quality of biofilm found, we will recommend when to see us again for your next professional dental hygiene session. If further treatment is needed to restore the health of your oral cavity, you will be referred to the specialists on our team.

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