sleep disorders

Having completed a Master's degree in Sleep Dentistry at the University of Bologna, allowed me to delve deeper and dedicate myself to this important but perhaps still little-known discipline. My clinical experience in this field, integrated with my skills in medicine and orthodontics have been important both in the clinical management of my patients and in my work as a speaker.

The international scientific community has proven that sleeping well plays an indispensable role in ensuring that all vital functions of our bodies and brains are preserved.

Interferences of sleep architecture generated by problems ranging from snoring to apneas induce a reduction of oxygen in the blood and can compromise overall health with effects ranging from neurocognitive impairment, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, metabolic diseases, and can also generate daytime fatigue with increased risk of occupational accidents and traffic accidents.

Only 10% of those who suffer from it have been correctly diagnosed despite the serious consequences that can result.

Therefore, we are committed to raising awareness among our patients and identifying those at risk by performing initial screening in children and adults through validated questionnaires and using a pulse oximeter that records blood oxygen levels throughout the duration of sleep.

We treat cases for which it is indicated to apply an appropriate oral device after otolaryngological and/or pulmonological consultation and after polygraphic or polysomnographic examination.

If you are told that you snore or have apnea, if you have unrestorative sleep, if you fall asleep during the day, if you are overweight, book a visit. Protect your health and also the health of those around you. We are waiting for you.

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