the SWM technique


Straight Wire Mirabella is an orthodontic technique developed by Dr. Davide Mirabella, which was proposed as the synthesis of 29 years of clinical experience dedicated solely to orthodontics.
After earning his Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Science in Dentistry from the University of Washington (Seattle), Dr. Mirabella deepened his knowledge of the Straight Wire-MBT® Technique by going directly to the San Diego office of its inventor, Dr. McLaughlin. Since then, he has been involved in popularizing this approach in Italy, Europe and America.
In 2010, he proposed modifications for the purpose of enhancing certain aspects of the equipment with the goal of pursuing a more predictable and faster aesthetic and functional result.
Currently, the SWM technique is used and taught in many Orthodontic Graduate Schools in Italy, Europe and Mexico.